Residential & Home Carpet Cleaning

Residential and Home Carpet Cleaning Service

Over the course of many years, a variety of different textile fibers provide comfort and your personal style to your home or office. Many of the fibers used in carpet and upholster work as a filter that suppresses dust, dirt, and animal hair and helps keep your home’s air cleaner. After some time, if your carpet is not cleaned properly it can stop working as a filter, leaving you with an unhealthy environment.

Many carpets lose their beauty too soon due to lack of maintenance, and traditional cleaning is not enough. Many times flooring is replaced, which is an expensive ordeal. We offer a cleaning maintenance solution that will give new life to your carpet once again.

Dust Busters has always taken pride in our work. We stay up to date with new chemicals and new machines when they come into the industry. We are all IICRC* certified and are able to clean many different types of fiber on your carpet or upholstery. We utilize powerful steam cleaning equipment that is strong enough to remove the most stubborn dirt and grime that can be embedded in your carpet fibers, yet safe to not damage your investments.

*Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification

Dust Busters uses a hot water extraction cleaning method also known as “steam carpet cleaning” that allows us to provide you with the best cleaning possible and won’t leave behind any residue. When you hire our company you can expect Quality, Integrity, Honesty, Respect, and Environmental Responsibility. Always keep in mind, when we clean your home, we will use the safest products available. Call now to book your next appointment.